Markets Have You Frustrated?

Trading the US Stock Market holds an incredible amount of potential for individual investors, but we think you'd agree that it's a very difficult challenge.

We help show you how to generate a consistent monthly income!

We are experienced traders, educators, and practitioners of the Options trade known as the Iron Condor. We've successfully traded this strategy through just about every possible Market condition over the past several years.

We are extremely conservative and risk-averse; managing our risk is job #1 in this volatile Market. Due to our conservative nature which focuses on DEFENDING trades, we are also very consistent....making a profit approximately 83% of the time over the past 7 years. Our specialty is communicating our techniques to you visually, rapidly empowering your income potential.

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What is an Iron Condor?

The Iron Condor is a Market-Neutral Options trade, designed to earn consistent monthly income as long as the price of the stock trades within a range.

As you can see in this graph, even during one of the most volatile periods in Market history, charts spent the majority of the time stuck in a range. While most traders get whipsawed and frustrated, we're playing the Market to its natural tendencies!

How Can OptionsLinebacker Benefit You?

OptionsLinebacker is a defensively-oriented Iron Condor service which helps you with all aspects of the Iron Condor; entering, defending, and exiting the trade, and at all times practicing strong risk management while targeting conservative gains.

The Iron Condor is our specialty and we show our students how to trade it through any kind of market: low volatility Bull, sideways chop, or high-volatility Bear. Stop trying to become the Jack of all Trades and the Master of None. Focusing on one strategy while only watching one or two charts may give you the results you're looking for.

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