Recommended Options Brokers

If you trade Iron Condors, you'll need a good online broker to help give you an edge in your trade. It's important that you research your broker carefully before setting up an account, as you may find that you cannot execute the trades that you want unless you have the right broker as your trading execution partner.

I think the following four online brokers have what it takes to give you an edge to be successful trading options. Each one has their own niche in the trading space, and can give you an edge depending on your requirements. Click on each image for more information!

This is the "managed broker" side of optionsXpress. You can still manage your own account with BX, however you have an experienced broker to assist you whenever you need it. For more information talk to my friend Mike Cavanaugh by clicking on the image.
I have just been introduced to optionshouse as an online broker and they have a huge differentiating factor - commissions for a spread trade will only cost you $15 total! This is especially advantageous for the ETF trades that we do,where the commissions for an average sized account can run hundreds of dollars per turn. I have traded with their software and it does the job just fine and I've gotten good fills. Make sure that they will trade your desired instrument in the type of account that you want to open. (i.e. ETF spreads in IRA) For more information, click on the image.
I have been using optionsXpress for years, back when they were the "only game in town" that understood the options trader. I find their web-based interface very easy to use for the beginning options trader, however it is slower than software-based broker interfaces. I will always keep some accounts with OX. For more information click on the image.
Thinkorswim has a great software interface that rivals many fee-based software tools that cost thousands of dollars. It took me a while to get used to their software but I find ToS to be a very savvy broker with great tools and some fantastic side benefits, like their Wednesday webinars. I will always have an account with these guys and I love their attitude. For more information click on the image.