OptionsLinebacker Seminar Deliverables

The seminar will begin with four scheduled Sunday webinars that precede the on-site June 6/7 Seminar; the preliminary dates for these webinars are:

  • May 3rd @ 2000pm ET
  • May 10th @ 2000pm ET
  • May 17th @ 2000pm ET
  • May 31st @ 2000pm ET

All of the webinars will be archived for student review, and all students will receive a copy of the presentation materials.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served each day at the Seminar.

All Seminar materials such as Handouts and Worksheets will be provided, which will include all presentation materials.

Accomodations are not provided; many excellent local choices are listed at the "Hotel Accomodations" link on the left side of this page.

Make sure to Sign Up by 4/18/09 to get your Early Bird rate!