Options Mentoring

The definition of Mentoring is "to serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to another person". At OptionsLinebacker, teaching is our focus, we do our best to bring concepts to you in a language that you'll understand and be able to quickly incorporate into your trading. So we're much more than just a newsletter service that "flips" trades out to readers, our job is to teach you how we entered, defended, and exited that trade so that YOU can do it yourself in the future. No black boxes, no hidden secrets, no mystery. To that end, there are really two separate ways to receive Iron Condor/spread trading mentoring from OptionsLinebacker: our Daily Newsletter, and our Advanced Iron Condor Guide with the bonus video content and flash quizzes.

OptionsLinebacker Iron Condor Newsletter

Very different from other newsletters, this one is built with options mentoring at its core. We discuss what's going on in the charts, how we're looking to enter positions, how we're defending current positions, and where and how we might exit current positions. We don't hang our subscribers out to dry by making them guess what to do once they're in a position. We don't upsell you another service that teaches you how to manage your spreads once you're in. Each newsletter is almost like a mini-coaching session for technical analysis and spread position management, especially how we augment the newsletter with a daily video that reinforces the material in a visual format.

Getting the daily OptionsLinebacker newsletter really puts you on a path to consistency. The newsletter is only $99/month and is a real bargain for the 5 daily newsletters that you'll receive every week.

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