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When you are a thought leader in the trading education community, media players want to know what you're up to. Here are a couple of the most recent interviews with the Options Linebackers:

Interview with Kevin Cook

of the Options News Network

Serving a rapidly growing segment of the investment community, the Options News Network provides daily options news and entertainment, options education, options trading ideas, and expert commentary on the options market, targeting options traders of ALL skill and experience levels as well as stock investors thinking about options.

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Interview Part One

Interview Part Two

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OptionsLinebacker featured in the

September 2008 SFO Magazine

SFO, the Official Advocate for Personal Investing, is dedicated to providing investors and retail traders an educational resource in the ever-changing financial marketplace. The magazine is a place for active traders to find consistently useful and cutting-edge articles on markets, trading strategies and technical methods, as well as economic and regulatory issues.

This edition featured John Sarkett's article "Back to School: Choosing Your Options Mentor".

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