Learning About Options

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Everyone quickly learns how to buy and sell stocks, but few take the time to understand the world of Options. There are some incredible benefits to learning how to trade Options; when was the last time that you were able to make money from a stock trade if it went up, down, or sideways? This type of trade is possible in the world of Options, where you don't have to be right about the future direction of the stock price that you're trading....just being in the ballpark is usually good enough.

There is a downside. Like any other form of trading, there is Risk in trading options. It is possible to lose all of the money that you have set up as margin for a trade, if you don't manage it correctly. And it happens quickly, unlike the demise of a stock. Rarely will you lose all the money that you tie up in owning stock shares. So yes, Options are financial Power Tools that allow you to do things with more power and leverage than just stocks alone - but you'd better know how to operate that power tool before you plug it in.

We're not going to kid you here - you absolutely must get an education on Options before you trade them.There are two basic ways to go about learning enough about Options trading to trade the Iron Condor:

1. Enroll in an Options Education Course - this is the fastest, yet most expensive way to get up to speed on trading Options. There are several different vendors that compete in this space. You will spend thousands of dollars to complete this program, which might save you from spending that money as tuition to the Market instead, through the school of hard knocks.

2. Target Your Own Education with the power of search and the Internet, it is entirely possible for a motivated and dedicated individual to pursue their own curriculum based on the wealth of free information that is available to those that can find it. This is a higher-risk approach, but one born out of necessity by those that cannot afford to spend thousands on education. I'll include some direction at this page to alternative resources that you can use to drive your own self-directed education program.

So now it's your bid. Are you intrigued by the possibility of being in a trade every month regardless of whether the Market is going up, down, or sideways? Are you looking to bring more consistency to your trading, and a simpler approach where you're only following one or two stocks every week instead of searching through hundreds? If this sounds attractive to you, then determine your approach to closing your knowledge gap and join us.

If you've already educated yourself on Options, then further your education on the Iron Condor!