OptionsLinebacker Business Partners

Since we're in the business of trading the markets ourselves, occasionally we come across other companies that we think might be able to offer extraordinary value to OptionsLinebacker customers.

Please check out the companies below and see if their products or services might provide you with a competitive advantage in the Market.

Over the years I've participated in numerous trading rooms to help learn how to trade index futures. These trades have the advantage of allowing you to trade on your own schedule where you can be be FLAT overnight or during travel, while earning some pretty consistent income once you have your strategy and approach nailed. The trouble is that most of these Trading Rooms are either WAY too expensive, or they just don't provide any teaching value. The EminiJunkie program solves both of these problems, with great educational value, and a price that's frankly way too low for his performance and delivery. The key to get into his program is by purchasing and learning his trading plan, after which you can enter his live trading room. You will be blown away by the value of this great service!

How many times have you wished that someone could watch over your account for you when you're on vacation? And that this person actually understood index options? Get a real broker on your side that understands the Market and can help you navigate your orders. Click the KnowYourOptions graphic above for more information on the services provided by independent broker Mike Cavanaugh and his team!

We've been trading ETF spreads for a couple of years now at OptionsLinebacker. These are a fantastic instrument to trade spreads with, but narrow spreads have one problem: you need to trade a lot of contracts to make an equivalent profit to a full-sized index spread! This means that you're paying a lot of commissions to enter and exit a spread position, effectively chewing up a lot of your potential profit.

Enter optionshouse. These guys use their massive back end volume in the Market so that you can "piggyback" their market muscle, and pay $15 in commissions to enter, or to exit a spread, regardless of how many contracts that you trade. That could save you hundreds of dollars in commissions on a typical trade, if you're trading in volume. This could change your P/L dramatically, further increasing your "edge".

I've used their interface and it works just fine for what we want to do. If you're trading some volume in the ETF spreads, then I would seriously consider using optionshouse as your broker, although check with them first to see if they're allowing ETF spreads in IRAs. Click on the image above for more information.

The Options News Network is a FREE educational resource that I came across recently that I am now absolutely hooked on. Another news source? What's different about it?

I think every trader, at some point in their career, makes the miscalculation of being influenced by the heavy messages at CNBC.... and then you become one of "the Herd" that the professionals feast on. Fund managers that are being interviewed often have their own hidden agenda and it's a rite of passage for a new trader to be taken advantage of by acting on CNBC content.

This is where ONN is different; they start off as a true EDUCATIONAL site to help you, the Options trader, build an edge. On top of that they layer current news as it relates to OPTIONS with no spin or bias - they lay out the current action using Options "language" that can help you anticipate moves and build your edge.

There's nothing else like it out there and it's only going to get better as they continue to build out their content, which stays archived. And did I mention that the site is FREE? Click on the link above to check out ONN.