OptionsLinebacker Trading Results

Profitable Results

The OptionsLinebacker Iron Condor system has been in play and continuously optimized for the past 6 years through varied, challenging Market conditions. Careful Market timing, adjustments for seasonality, and strong positional management all converge to provide consistent, profitable income investing.

Even though the OptionsLinebacker service is educational in nature, this is not just an academic exercise for us. We have skin in the game on every trade, and our future depends on it.

Our positions are for illustration only and do not represent recommendations to buy nor sell to our subscribers. Current results are given, and past performance does not necessarily guarantee future results.

Are We "Beating the Market"? You be the judge - OptionsLinebacker vs. the S&P500 Exchange Traded Fund

If we invested $100,000 into the S&P500 Exchange Traded Fund (SPY) on our starting date of September 19, 2005 we would then own 810 shares at a cost basis of $123.47/share. If we also invested $100,000 into OptionsLinebacker trades at the same time, how would they compare?

Current Valuations:(Interest and Dividends omitted for clarity)

SPY shares 4/20/2012: 810 shares @ $137.95 = $111,740 or 11.74% return

OptionsLinebacker Account 4/20/2012: $175,875 or +75.88% return