OptionsLinebacker Trading Results - 2005

The results posted below do not represent actual gains in our account, however we have traded these actual positions. The reason that I do not list the actual balance in this account is because this is a cash account that is harvested on a monthly basis for income. So for the purposes of illustration, I am displaying our trading results by using a model $100,000 account starting in October 2005.

In the manner that I report these positions, they also do not benefit from monthly Money Market and Dividends that contribute to the overall return, so your overall results very likely could be better than these depending on your broker.

Our positions are for illustration only and do not represent recommendations to buy nor sell to our subscribers.

2005 Monthly Trades
October 2005 (monthly income = $2446)
1275/1285 bear call spread
1255/1265 bear call spread
1150/1160 bull put spread
1155/1165 bull put spread (adjusted to November)
November 2005 (monthly income = $2612)
1250/1260 bear call spread (closed early)
1125/1135 bull put spread
1130/1140 bull put spread
1175/1185 bull put spread
December 2005 (monthly income = $1324)
1285/1295 bear call spread (adjusted to December bull positions)
1200/1210 bull put spread
1215/1225 bull put spread
1210/1220 bull put spread

Yearly Results Summary
Starting Balance = $100,000 on October 2005
Ending Balance = $106,382 after December expiration
Annual Return = 6.38% for three months