OptionsLinebacker Trading Results - 2012

The results posted below do not represent actual gains in our account, however we have traded these actual positions. The reason that I do not list the actual balance in this account is because this is a cash account that is harvested on a monthly basis for income. So for the purposes of illustration, I am displaying our trading results by using a model $100,000 account starting in October 2005.

In the manner that I report these positions, they also do not benefit from monthly Money Market interest and Dividends that contribute to the overall return, so your overall results very likely could be better than these depending on your broker.

Our positions are for illustration only and do not represent recommendations to buy nor sell to our subscribers.

2012 Monthly Trades
January 2012 (monthly income = $1380)
SPY 138/140 Bear Call spread
SPY 104/106 Bull Put spread
SPY 135/137/139 Call Butterfly
SPY 104 Vega Hedge puts
SPY 110 Put Calendar Spread
SPY 122/131 JAN/FEB Double Calendar
SPY 126 JAN/FEB Put Calendar
SDS 22 Covered Calls
SSO 48 Covered Calls
SSO Underlying Call-out
SPY Weekly Options positions (2)
February 2012 (monthly income = $1155)
SPY 137/139 Bear Call spread
SPY 107/109 Bull Put spread
SPY 134/136/138 Call Butterfly
SPY 107 Vega Hedge puts
SPY 115 Put Calendar Spread
SSO Underlying Long Delta Hedge
SPXPM 1225/1230*1325/1330 Iron Condor
SPXPM 1320/1325 Bull Call Spread Hedge
SPY 127*133 FEB/MAR Double Calendar
SPY 131 MAR/APR Put Calendar
SPY Weekly Options positions (2)
March 2012 (monthly income = $1249)
SPY 141/143 Bear Call spread
SPY 121/123 Bull Put spread
SPY 139/141 Bull Call spread hedge
SPY 121 Vega Hedge puts
SPY 129 Put Calendar Spread
SPX 1310/1315*1385/1390 Iron Condor
SSO 44 Naked Puts
SDS 19 Covered Calls
SPY Weekly Options positions (1)