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Announcing a new live seminar for options traders...

The OptionsLinebacker Two Day Live Boot Camp!

I hear it from traders everywhere. They understand how to read the Market, they know how to place trades, but they just aren't getting the results that they wanted. They need something to help put it all together in this tough Market.

It's time for boot camp!

The mission of this seminar is to take a dedicated group of traders and build a comprehensive and professional approach to earning income.

The first thing that we'll do is get everyone up to speed on the terminology and techniques before we get onsite through a series of Sunday Night webinars that all attendees will need to participate in.

Once onsite at the seminar, we'll have two days to put into practice what you've learned through hands-on and group exercises. This is not just a seminar on Technical Analysis or the Greeks; it's a comprehensive session based on the principles of Method/Mindset/Money Management.

Are you ready to step up and join the starting lineup? This is the only seminar that the Linebackers will conduct this year, so don't miss out!

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