Customer Testimonials

  • "Hi Craig, I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for much of this year and have thoroughly enjoyed (profited) for the service. This note is just to say a big THANK YOU for the tremendous work you are doing on a daily basis educating us on the chart technicals and understanding market trends. This is by far the most value I get from the news letter. I look forward to hearing your take on the market each day using the video link (please keep doing this!). I was a subscriber to the "other" condor trading newsletter for 18 months and never got this level of education / new learning. Once again, thank you and keep up the great job you all are doing! -V.S."
  • "You called it yesterday. The SPX was going to move a lot today. This morning's action was incredible. Great analysis of the market. Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate the service you offer. I wish I would have had something like this 6 years ago. Keep up the great work. - Dave"
  • "Hi Craig, I continue to be a fan of your video updates, and this month-end "locker room" speech was one of your better ones. Whether you realize it or not, you are teaching / coaching your subscribers on the subtleties of technical chart reading. Thank you for communicating in easy to understand language. Vic"
  • "I've been subscribing for a month or so now and I love your newsletter. It strikes a very nice balance between market analysis and options methodology. The daily video summaries are excellent as well. I really enjoy your direct and common sense approach to the markets. I hope to be a long time subscriber. KR"
  • "Craig: What a Webinar Saturday! Great presentation, informative material and great pace. My first thought when I saw it was for 4 hours was you were nuts. No way would it last 4 hours. But because of the way you presented it, the time flew by. I look forward to going over it again because the information to me was something I really never looked at before and I know this will help trading. I attended the Advanced Option 2 day class in Chicago in December put on by Red Option (TOS). Of course they believe in Delta Neutral trading too and I learned new things there but your webinar presented their way of trading in much more depth and was easier to understand. The ending section when you put a trade on and followed it with thinkback was the best part, it really put things together. I definitely plan it attend more of your webinars and I hope thinkback becomes a big part of your presentation. Looking forward to the next webinar that takes this topic to the next level. Thank you. Larry"
  • "I really enjoy your analysis and you are a great teacher. You simplify thinks and make them easy to learn and follow. Over the years, I have followed numerous newsletters, columns, online sites, etc and yours is one of the best. I really appreciate your efforts and all that I have learned from you. GS"