OptionsLinebacker Seminar Topics and Pricing

Seminar Topics

The seminar will begin with four scheduled Sunday webinars that precede the on-site June 6/7 2009 Seminar; the preliminary dates for these webinars are:

  • May 3rd @ 2000pm ET
  • May 10th @ 2000pm ET
  • May 17th @ 2000pm ET
  • May 31st @ 2000pm ET

The topics for these webinars will be more instructional in nature to cover the necessary topics in depth, so that we can move into application of these topics onsite. All of the webinars will be archived for student review.

Material for the Webinars and Onsite Seminar will include:

  • Determining an overall strategic plan to manage an account
  • Developing a "Pyramid" approach
  • Developing an "Edge" to your trades
  • Building a Daily Mode of Operations
  • How the Pros take advantage of retail traders
  • Managing Risk on a portfolio
  • Managing Delta, Vega, and Gamma risk
  • Reading the Market
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Developing a foundational Iron Condor strategy
  • Selling Puts/Covered Calls on stocks
  • Managing risk in stocks with calls and collars
  • Using Futures contracts
  • Swing trading the indices

This is going to be a very comprehensive session where we build a strategy for overall portfolio management from the ground up. We'll start with overall strategy and drill into tactics using charts, Greeks, and advanced tools. At the end of this session the attendee should be walking away with an overall strategic trading plan for managing their account, some new skills for reading the Market and managing risk, and some new contacts for their personal Mastermind team.


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Terms: Full refunds may be processed prior to the first Webinar date of May 3rd. Cancellations processed after that date will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee yet will have access to all webinar/seminar materials.